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Join us for an irreverent discussion on all things health related. Body, mind and spirit combined in this fleshy, water-logged biological mass of cells. nurseMARK covers everything top to bottom (literally).

June 30, 2020

Jessilyn Dolan - NurseMARK - Episode 37

Episode 37 - Jessilyn Dolan

Jessilyn Dolan, RN, CMT is a registered nurse specializing in maternal child health, substance use and mental health disorders and cannabis therapeutics. Jessilyn is an experienced herbalist, intuitive healer, birth worker and  Massage Therapist. She is an organic hemp farmer, medical marijuana patient and caregiver  and has been cultivating and crafting medicinal herbs for decades. Jessilyn has had over three dozen surgeries since childhood, and is beyond grateful for the support of plant medicine along the way.  Jessilyn is honored to share her combined allopathic and holistic wisdom and the spirit of this sacred plant. Jessilyn co-founded NurseGrown Organics-Vermont Hemp and CBD,  is a member of the ACNA, founder of the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association, and Vice President of the American Nurse Association-Vermont. 



  • Her personal story of overcoming chronic pain using cannabis after a horrible life changing accident.
  • Bringing all the different holistic modalities into one cohesive healthy alternative to traditional medicine.
  • How an herbalist added cannabis to the list of powerful natural plant based medicines.
  • Her experience as a woman entrepreneur running a hemp grow and processing company.


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June 23, 2020

Sherri Tutkus - NurseMARK - Episode 36

Sherri is the founder and CEO of GreenNurse Group, Nursing Director at Irie Bliss Wellness and host of GreenNurse on the Go Radio Show. Sherri is a cannabis nurse, patient and advocate. She earned her Bachelors in Science and Nursing from Boston College. She is a highly skilled Registered Nurse with 30 years’ practical experience in various departments within the hospital and home setting. She is utilizing her expert nursing skills as a medical center specialist, clinical nurse liaison and educator to bridge the gap between patients and the cannabis community. Sherri has been educating and implementing holistic integrative healing modalities within her practice for over 20 years. She educates on the endocannabinoid system and the safe utilization of cannabis at dispensaries, hospitals, clinics, patients homes and she regularly does pop up events, seminars and expos. Sherri is an international speaker and she has contributed to the writing of the first cannabis nursing textbook with her cannabis nurse colleagues that will be available in nursing schools across the country, called “Clarks Cannabis: A handbook for Nurses”. Sherri is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and founding member of The Cannabis Nurses Network is on their speakers bureau and was nominated as one of two nurses for “Health Professional of the Year” for the 2020 New England Cannabis Convention. Sherri brings passion and purpose to her work teaching bio-psycho-social-spiritual healing using cannabis as a tool.


  • Integrating cannabis into holistic medicine
  • What it’s like to be a cannabis nurse
  • Getting past the stigma and successfully implementing cannabis as medicine
  • Living a life of progress not perfection


June 18, 2020

Kathlyn Heim - NurseMARK - Episode 35

Author, Podcast Host, Keynote Speaker, Registered Nurse, Health and Wellness Coach

Kathlyn Heim is an author, podcast host, keynote speaker, RN, and health and wellness coach, and former Los Angeles Police Officer. She developed a new method for building the life you have dreamed about, yet have yet to have achieved. Her inspiration came from her personal experiences with having achieved both failure and success. Kathlyn believes that each individual has inherent worth and value, as well as the internal strength and ability to make lifestyle and behavioral changes, thus achieving success in living a life they choose.



  • The Rules of Nines
  • Finding your what
  • Finding your why
  • Creating lasting change
  • Online Dating during the pandemic




June 11, 2020

Asha Tarry - NurseMARK - Episode 34

Asha Tarry is an author, psychotherapist, certified life coach and speaker. She is an award-winning community mental health advocate and activist. Asha is the founder of Behavioral Health Consulting Services, which she owns and operates in New York City. She also coaches professional adults in mindfulness as well as living a purposeful life.



  • Difference between coaching and psychotherapy
  • Telehealth - how technology is helping serve those in need
  • Grieving during this Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Adulting as Millenials: Everything your Parents Didn’t Teach You





June 4, 2020

Denise Foster - NurseMARK - Episode 33

Denise Foster PhD, MSN, RN, CNE


Dr. Denise A. Foster, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE has practiced professional nursing for over 35 years. Beginning at the bedside in orthopedic and critical care, she transitioned to home health, where she began to recognize the benefits of medical cannabis when the HIV/AIDS epidemic swept the nation in the 1980s. Recognizing that the use of medical cannabis helped patients with pain, appetite, and mood, Dr. Foster became an advocate for its use as a therapeutic treatment. In the decades since working in home health, Dr. Foster has worked in the field of higher education, providing nursing instruction to students in associate, baccalaureate, RN-to-BSN, and graduate nursing programs. 


As a holistic practitioner, Dr. Foster’s research interests include the benefits and use of mindfulness practice to help students, nurses, and patients achieve their optimal level of well-being. Dr. Foster believes that the use of medical cannabis is one of several complementary therapies that could potentially assist many chronically and acutely ill patients to achieve optimal health in mind, body, and spirit. Recently, she ventured into the entrepreneurial world of retail hemp, and in Spring 2020 will be opening a Hemp Haven store in Chesapeake, Virginia, where she will offer hand-selected CBD and hemp products while providing coaching and education regarding the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids to her community.


Dr. Foster currently lives in Virginia and teaches in the university setting for several national and international colleges of nursing. She remains clinically active in home health and hospice practice where she advocates medicinal cannabis to patients who might benefit from its use. Through her medicinal cannabis research and consultation business, Empirical Cannabis, Dr. Foster provides medicinal cannabis education, research, and consultation to patients, families, and health care practitioners as well as her community. From her research and in-depth knowledge related to cannabis as medicine, Dr. Foster contributed to Wolters Kluwer Health Publishers first medical cannabis textbook for nurses, Cannabis: A Handbook for Nurses, 1st Edition, writing “Chapter 2: The Human Endocannabinoid System (ECS): Physiology,” set to be published late 2020. Dr. Foster authored the first course, Endocannabinoid System and Pharmacology, for a 3-course Medical Cannabis Certificate for Health Care Workers at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, which is the nation’s first accredited academic medical cannabis instruction. 

Dr. Foster recently served on the Board of Directors of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and is a strong advocate for all nurses and nursing students, in every setting and state, to become educated about medicinal cannabis as well as empowering, educating, and advocating for patient access, including safe and appropriate use. She also served as ACNA Secretary and chaired the ACNA Education and Research Committee and the Social Media and Communications Committee. Because the use of medical marijuana is a recent addition to the field of health care, Dr. Foster is also committed to developing, conducting, and disseminating research that will assist the nursing profession in understanding nursing roles and responsibilities associated with the usage of this therapeutic medicinal plant.


  • Cannabis Industry during Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Possible interactions of cannabis with other drugs
  • Negative action of high THC on fertility
  • How the American Cannabis Nurses Association has developed over time
  • Why isn’t the Endo-Cannabinoid taught in medical and nursing schools?
  • The power of the cannabis plant



May 14, 2020

Rick Martinez - NurseMARK - Episode 32

Entrepreneur and Nurse

As a veteran, registered nurse, writer and successful entrepreneur, Rick brings a wealth of experience – and tremendous passion – for impacting lives. His story begins in the US Army, where Rick enlisted from 1988-1990. He soon earned his BSN degree from the University of the Incarnate Word and became a registered nurse (RN). After several years in nursing Rick’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and in 2001 he bootstrapped and started his first business which he grew to over $52MM in annual revenue before his exit in 2014.

From there he dove into advising, mentoring and Angel investing and soon found a unique way to help our veterans with PTS(D) and entered into the cannabis industry.

 In 2020 as COVID19 started impacting the world Rick dove headfirst into nursing and is serving on the frontlines in a far, far away land. 


Awards and accomplishments include:

  •       San Antonio’s “40 Under 40” award recipient
  •       Awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award for community service
  •       Recognized as one of the country’s “Top 100 Companies” by the U.S. Small Business Administration
  •       3x Amazon Best Selling author
  •       Ironman triathlon finisher 
  •       Advisory board member for the H.E.B. School of Business at the University of The Incarnate Word
  •       Keynote speaker at multiple cannabis and CBD conferences



  • How he was called to nursing as a vocation.
  • Being a male nurse in a female dominated industry.
  • The moment that changed his life….
  • Nurturing the spiritual life and the importance of establishing that foundation.



April 23, 2020

Praveen Ramanathan - NurseMARK - Episode 31

Praveen is Founder and President of Ayantek, a digital-analytics firm with offices in Greater Boston and Hyderabad, India. In this role, Praveen helps customers achieve success and transformational growth through the use of Digital and analytics technologies. He has consulted with organizations such as Analog Devices, Rogers Corporation, PerkinElmer, Fidelity Investments, Appalachian Mountain Club and many others. Praveen also works on improving himself through daily practices of meditation, yoga, and introspection (that may someday land him the psychiatric ward of the nearby hospital😊). 


  • What it was like growing up in India in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
  • Coming to America with $75 in your pocket
  • How sometimes the things that seem the worst end up the best
  • Spirituality and Entrepreneurship
  • Uncovering the meaning of life
  • Meditation and routine



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April 18, 2020

Voices of Heroes - NurseMARK - Episode 2 (Jennifer Gil)

Jennifer shares her story of being an ER nurse in Philly during this challenging coronavirus pandemic as well as her personal experience having had the virus.



  • What’s it like working in an ER unit during the coronavirus pandemic?
  • What was it like to test positive after caring for patients?
  • What was it like having the virus?
  • What’s the future look like for nurses?



April 16, 2020

Voices of Heroes - NurseMARK - Episode 1 - Maggie Weinstock

Maggie shares her story of being a critical care nurse in this challenging coronavirus pandemic.


  • What’s it like working in a critical care unit during the coronavirus pandemic?
  • How are healthcare workers dealing with the stress?
  • What is she seeing on the floor?



April 16, 2020

Ally Salama - NurseMARK - Episode 30

Ally Salama is a Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcaster, Ex-Pro Athlete and The Middle East’s Mental Health Ambassador.

His team founded, the first Mental Health Magazine in the Middle East, winning Harvard's Top 7 Most Impactful Social Initiatives in 2019 & earning recognition from the World Health Organization. Currently, Ally’s purpose is to empower youth to become more impactful changemakers in the world.

Ally also hosts “Empathy Always Wins” - the World's Exclusive Youth Leadership Podcast focusing on Empathy and Community Building. Living in Toronto, Ally currently consults social enterprises and changemakers on strategy to help build powerful communities.

Over the past 3 years, he has given Mental Health in The Middle East a stronger voice, developing an online magazine/platform of 70,000+ users, Empower Mag "EMPWR".

Ally continues to rally his voice and efforts around Empathetic Leadership and Greater Mental Health Advocacy, actively speaking at the World Health Organization and across International Conferences.

He currently hosts as the World's Exclusive Youth Leadership Blog on Empathy to drive his personal message across the globe.

Furthermore, the skill sets gained from Ryerson's Ted Roger's School of Management allowed him to ultimately become a Social "Artistpreneur", merging his artistic musical talents with purpose-driven entrepreneurial change-making, raising over $10,000 for his music venture, KairoKid Records Inc.